New time and space

Brown’s Technology Has New Digital Home

We Have Moved Again

How many of us have moved from out of our parents home to our own spot, only to find yourself having to pack up and move to another place? Well, it seems that our digital homes are changing more than anyone thought.

Brown’s Technology Services have had our share of hosting services. In many case we have moved due to many reasons, such as web hosts (internet service providers), isp changing names, terms of service and /or going offline completely without notifications.

Now, we are in the process of restoration if you will. There have been many changes to our business, including the Covid19 pandemic, which is earth changing by itself, as well as a need to redeploy our technological consultancy and services.

To wrap this up, we are moving ahead with the commitment to continue providing user-friendly, professional IT services from consultancy, training and repair. Stay safe out there!

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