About Us

Brown’s Technology Services is an Information Technology organization, which provides many facets of professional quality computer and internet services, With over 20 years experience in the technology arena, we provide services to businesses large and small as well as to government and individuals.

As technology continues to expand from personal computers, laptops and printers to cell phones, database management, internet technologies,, e-Commerce, solar connectivity, copiers, cyber technologies and more. For example, upgrading and configuring hardware; installing and configuring software; connecting solar and other devices to the internet; repair and maintenance of copiers and other devices; inform and instruct on internet security best practices.

Some of our previous services include upgrading PC hardware and software on desktops, laptops and tablets; developing websites and e-Commerce sites using various eshop software; repair and maintenance of Kyocera (Copystar) and other Multi function Printers (MFP); Remote networking and most information technology in use today by many businesses, governments, individuals!

As information technology becomes a necessity of modern life. one of our most important beliefs is that information technology should be accessible, affordable and beneficial to users for a technology reliant society.